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BIG BITE is a turf tire that’s designed for use on zero-turn, ride-on and stand-on mowers. It features a large footprint that puts more rubber on the road for solid traction and stability. Angled tread blocks and open shoulders work together to promote self-cleaning, which boosts traction. Also, the optimized design lowers rolling resistance to […]


WIZZARD R2 is a variation of the popular WIZZARD, featuring distinctive “W” shaped shoulder lugs, mud breakers and heavy-duty radial construction. It weighs less, but it’s durable and long-lasting, making it an ideal tire for side-by-side owners, whether used recreationally or in racing. Find a Dealer


WIZZARD is a popular all-terrain tire featuring a center tread element for better stability on hard surfaces and deep “V” shaped shoulder lugs for sidewall protection and self-cleaning. It’s a proven race tire, delivering excellent traction and tire life, with a design that soaks up shock and vibration. Find a Dealer


TRAIL WARRIOR is a rugged directional tire with an 8-ply rating for extra load capacity and durability. Its deep, siped lugs – positioned on the tire’s shoulders – combined with radial construction and flexible sidewalls, improve traction while reducing rolling resistance. It’s an exceptional multi-terrain tire for serious off-roaders and recreational use as well. Find […]


TOMAHAWK is one of our best-performing off- road tires, delivering exceptional traction in mud and on rough terrain. Its striking looks, durable construction and aggressive lugs with zig-zag sipes (for improved drainage), ensure maximum grip and comfort. It also features rock and mud ejectors to keep the tire as clean as possible on the trail. […]


TM-440 is a variation of OTR’s 440 MAG, with a similarly aggressive tread pattern and angled lugs scalloped across the top for improved cleaning and mud breakers on the shoulders. It’s equally durable, but weighs less making it ideal for worksites. Find a Dealer


ROCK JAW delivers jaw-dropping performance and ruggedness. Its 8-ply rated for ultra-heavy-duty use, with deep angled lugs interspersed with triangle-shaped rock ejectors and mud breakers running across the shoulders. Inspired by feedback from racers and enthusiasts, this is our toughest and most radical tire for the serious off-roader. Find a Dealer


PRO TERRAIN is the pro’s choice for a UTV directional tire. It delivers the perfect blend of traction, responsiveness and self-cleaning. Deep lugs with siped ends, coupled with grooved lines in the space between that serve as mud breakers, improve grip and handling, whether driving in mud, through water, or on rock. Find a Dealer


HP-009 is tough and durable, with an optimized lug-to-void ratio for improved traction and cornering. Its mud breakers make it popular for ATV owners and racers alike. Find a Dealer


HP-007 is a directional off-road tire using deep “V” shaped lugs wrapped around the shoulders and across the contact patch to optimize traction and handling in corners. Shoulder lugs feature an open top that makes the tire self-cleaning which, in turn, improves grip while driving in mud. Find a Dealer
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