Beyond our extensive product lineup, we offer a full range of services for everyone from end-user customers, to dealer/distributors, to OEMs. Available ala carte according to customer needs, the following are examples of services we are currently providing:

Custom Engineering

We’ve worked with OEMs of all sizes across the globe to achieve their unique mobility solutions for vehicles and machines operating in the world’s harshest environments. This is what we bring to the table:

Global Design Teams

Principal engineering center in Rome, GA, USA, with regional offices in Omaha, NE, USA; Sault Ste. Marie, Canada; Wuxi, China; and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Core Design Expertise

Total systems solutions covering specialty tires, wheels, hubs, assemblies and associated products ranging in size from 8” (203.2 mm) to 63” (1,600.2 mm) in diameter for off-the-road applications.

Software Platforms

CREA parametric modeling (Legacy applications supported, i.e. SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Inventor)

Advanced Tools

FEA simulations, laser scanning (for benchmarking and design verification), 3D printing (for new concept evaluations)

Product Testing

In-house testing for tire deflection, static loaded radius and other tire characteristics. Test tracks for tread wear analysis on real-world surface conditions. Additional testing by third-party partners.

Global Sourcing

We develop sourcing strategies that support your product launch and commercialization needs. This includes tires, wheels, assemblies, accessories, mounting programs or anything else within our core capabilities. And we can supply it locally or globally.

We manufacture or source wheels, design tires, develop the supply chain, and connect the dots for a turnkey solution or à la cart services. Whatever your needs, our commercial team will recommend a logistics solution that fits.


One of the biggest pain points we remedy is providing ready-to-install tire/wheel assemblies from one source. Subassembly takes this a step further, allowing OEM customers to outsource a larger portion of their unique equipment need to our expert team.

Tier 1 Supplier

We act as a Tier 1 supplier for many of our OEM partners, doing everything from the purchasing of materials to final production of the finished product.


Whether needed for OEM safety stock or consignment, or for distributors, we offer product warehousing support. This is especially valuable for new programs with no history of demand.

Our facilities in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia are strategically located to support customers, serving as “leveraged resources” for key customers.

Tire Mounting

Available for OEMs of all sizes, covering tire and wheel assemblies for high-volume and low-volume/high-mix programs. Services include tire band cutting, tires pressed on wheels after heating, air pressure checked and filled using “smart” systems, and more. All services are approved by well-known global OEMs, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia.


Configuring and staging components/assemblies according to customer build schedules for maximum efficiency and cost abatement.

JIT Delivery

Products delivered exactly when required, eliminating the need for customers to store and accumulate costly inventory.

Tire/Wheel Exchange and Foam-Fill

Offered to qualified dealers who service rental companies and end users who require immediate replacements for damaged tires. Dealers stock finished assemblies for replacement parts and draw from this stock to replace tires on a real-time basis. We remove the old foam from returned tires and refill using premium, OEM-approved resins and recycled foam called “crumb.” This program reduces costly downtime and maximizes customers’ ROI.

Flat Proofing

TyrLyner® is our proprietary, permanent urethane material that’s applied inside a tire’s casing. This self-healing technology helps ensure the tire is sealed when punctured or cut.

Wheel Inspection/Certification

We provide wheel inspections and certifications, notably for mining vehicles and material handling vehicles, as well as gantry cranes used at ports.


Our process for recertifying mining vehicles:

Retrieve wheel from site

Pressure wash tire and wheel assembly


Register (documentation)

Inspect wheel

If wheel passes, repaint and return to customer

If wheel fails, send report to customer

Repair and replace wheel; return or scrap defective wheel


Our process for wheel inspection:

Identify wheels that have metal fatigue in areas of high wear.

Identify the age of the wheels and in-service time.

Identify wheel manufacturer(s). (Depending on wheel, we have data that identifies typical failure modes.)

Identify wheel-duty cycle and configuration in order to determine whether wheel is under-engineered (mismatched) for the application in scope as a possible cause for wheel failure.