TM-440 Tires

The TM-440 is a variation of our proven 440 MAG, modified for use on ATVs. An aggressive tread pattern with scalloped lugs across the top and mud breakers on the shoulders make this a high performance tire that keeps itself clean.

Specifications for all products:

TR1840424812P24×8.00-12423.747.2412 x 6.55585@50MPHPowersportsATVs
TR1840624812P24×8.00-12623.987.212 x 6.57585@50MPHPowersportsATVs
TR18404241011P24×10.00-11424.069.0911 x 7.55740@50MPHPowersportsATVs
TR184016241011P24×10.00-11623.989.1311 x 7.57740@50MPHPowersportsATVs
TR18404241012P24×10.00-12624.179.1312 x 77395@50MPHPowersportsATVs
TR18404251012P25×10.00-12624.889.0612 x 77420@50MPHPowersportsATVs