Material handling applications include heavy-duty and rough terrain lift trucks (RTLT), reach stackers, gantry cranes and other lifting equipment used typically at ports and facilities requiring loading/unloading. (Standard-duty gasoline and electric lift trucks are out of scope for OTR.)

OTR’s TRANS AMERICAN RUBBER BRAND TUBES feature 100% butyl rubber for a premium tube solution. Tubes extend tire life, prevent air leakage and add weight for improved traction. Butyl provides distinct advantages for turf equipment: Improved shock absorption and ride comfort; Excellent weatherability; resistance to heat, moisture and chemical attack; and Durability – resistance to flexing, abrasion and tearing.

Specifications for all products:

9I80NB2.50R-15 TUBE TR-75AStandardTR-75A10Material Handeling
9I71NB27X8.15/8.50R-15 OFF CTR TUBE TR-15StandardTR-1510Material Handeling
9I69NB27X8.15/8.50R-15 TUBE TR-75AStandardTR-75A10Material Handeling
9I75NB28X9.00R-15 CTR TUBE TR-75AStandardTR-75A10Material Handeling
9I82NB3.00R-15 TUBE TR-75AStandardTR-75A10Material Handeling
9I8632X12R15StandardTR-75A8Material Handeling
9I40NB6.00-9 HK TUBE USE 9I40 TR-13StandardTR-1320Material Handeling
9I52NB6.00/6.90R-9 TUBE TR-150StandardTR150A20Material Handeling
9I54NB6.00/6.90R-9 TUBE TR-75AStandardTR-75A20Material Handeling
9I50NB6.00/6.90R-9 TUBE TR-JS2StandardTR-JS220Material Handeling
9I64NB6.50/7.50R-10 TUBE TR-75AStandardTR-75A10Material Handeling
9I59NB6.50/7.50R-10 TUBE TR-JS2StandardTR-JS220Material Handeling
9I60NB6.50/7.50R-10 TUBE USE 9I60 TR150AStandardTR-150A10Material Handeling
9I66NB7.00R-12 TUBE TR-75AStandardTR-75A10Material Handeling
9I67NB9.00R-10 TUBE USE 9I67 TR-75AStandardTR-75A10Material Handeling