LITEFOOT comes in two designs – one for light-duty tractors requiring good traction with a turf-friendly tread, and the other with a G1/R1 tread featuring deep angled lugs for improved grip and handling in wet fields. Both versions provide exceptional performance and function with good overall value for the money.

Specifications for all products:

T40422110010FP22 X 11.00-10421.611.210 X 8.50221395@10MPHLawn & Garden
T404229501022 X 9.50-10422.059.6110 X 7.50201200@10MPHLawn & Garden
T404238501223 X 8.50-12422.68.2412 X 7221100@10MPHAgriculture
T4042251000822.5 X 10.00-8422.610.248 X 8221390@10MPHLawn & Garden
T404239501223 X 9.50-12423.079.2512 X 7241225@10MPHAgriculture
T40623105036023 X 10.50-360623.29.3814 X 8401320@10MPHLawn & Garden
T4042312001223 X 12.00-12423.2312.3412 X 10.50201710@10MPHLawn & Garden
T4042412001224 X 12.00-12423.2312.3412 X 10.50201710@10MPHLawn & Garden
T404249501224 X 9.50-12423.279.7812 X 7241375@10MPHLawn & Garden
T4042612001226 X 12.00-12425.5912.812 X 10.50201760@10MPHLawn & Garden
T26141200226 X 14.00-12425.7113.7412 X 10.50181500@10MPHLawn & Garden
T408261238026 X 12.00-3808261215 X 10423,220@5MPHConstructionAWP
DKNCH33 X 12LL5001031.9213.519.5 X 11.75463860@5MPHLawn & Garden
T4103316LL500 33 X 16LL5001031.9213.519.5 X 11.75463,860@5MPHConstructionAWP