IND-5 Tires

IND-5 is an ultra-heavy-duty, non-directional tire featuring deep lugs, a reinforced sidewall, rim guard and enlarged bead for tough industrial applications. The 12LL610 HBR design eliminates hub clearance issues.

Specifications for all products:

T981810002010.00-20LOAD WHEEL 13420@15MPH; STEER WHEEL 11300@15MPH43.31814520X7.511.9Material Handling
T9818825158.25-15LOAD WHEEL 8445@15MPH; STEER WHEEL 7135@15MPH33.71814015X6.59.35Material Handling
T982412002012.00-20LOAD WHEEL 18145@15MPH; STEER WHEEL 15335@15MPH46.182414020X813.43Material Handling
T9824120020HD12.00-20LOAD WHEEL 18145@15MPH; STEER WHEEL 15335@15MPH46.22414020X813.2Material Handling