“Work” is OTR’s magic word. From working with manufacturers, to customers, OTR’s telehandler tires aren’t just tires – they’re solutions. Look through the options below and find the solution that works best for you.


Take the job off-road with the LIFTBOSS directional tire. It keeps you on track and on time with its aggressive direction tread pattern and high-quality rubber compounds.


The LIFTBOSS HD is the operator’s choice for non-directional tires. Already boasting impressive durability, the cushioning apertures absorb shock for a smooth ride no matter how rough the terrain.


The GRADER TG is a multi-purpose directional asset. The tire’s herringbone-style lugs give unmatched traction, stability and durability to telehandlers, as well as peace of mind to the operator.


The G2 HYBRID promises progress – and getting that progress fast. Its tread pattern provides higher speed and improved rolling resistance. That progress will be clean as well, as the grooved lugs enable enhanced self-cleaning.

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