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SCISSOR LIFT tires are available in various sizes for popular OEM applications. Tires are solid and mold-on type with non-directional and non-marking treads. Find a Dealer
OTR TEE MASTER Tire and Assembly Feature


TEE MASTER is a radial golf tire designed for low rolling resistance, which in turn extends battery life. Its flat profile ensures excellent traction and stability, with less noise on hard surfaces—an ideal solution for golf carts used in residential areas. Find a Dealer
OTR PROWLER Tire and Assembly Feature


PROWLER is an exceptional all-purpose tire featuring “V” shaped shoulder lugs with sipes for improved grip, handling and cleaning. It features a center tread element for improved durability on hard surfaces that also reduces road noise. A 6-ply-rated version is available for heavier loading, as required at worksites Find a Dealer
OTR GC Tire and Assembly Feature


GC is a non-directional tire with a wide footprint, reinforced sidewall and tread pattern for stability and durability. It’s competitively priced, delivering more value. Find a Dealer


FAIRWAY MASTER combines a unique tread pattern and rugged construction for a smooth ride with durability – ideal for golf and utility vehicles, whether driving on turf or asphalt. It features a gently squared shoulder that enhances grip on slopes with no damage to grass. Find a Dealer


SOLIDBOSS® aperture tires are designed with the operator in mind, reducing downtime from flats while improving stability and handling. These tires last longer than standard pneumatic tires which, in turn, reduces life cycle cost. Plus, they ensure a smooth “bounce free” ride on rough terrain, compliments of cushioning apertures that absorb shock. Designed especially for telehandlers, […]