3/4 view OTR's Koa Warrior Tire

ROME, GA. – OTR Engineered Solutions (OTR) announces the release of its new Koa Warrior™ ATV tire. Featuring a state-of-the-art tread pattern, the tire offers superior traction, stability, and durability when operating in muddy trails, rocky terrain, sand dunes, and other challenging off-road conditions.

The directional tread pattern of the Koa Warrior is engineered to channel mud, water, and debris away from the tire to provide enhanced traction and stability. It produces consistent performance across various conditions with superior handling and control, allowing riders to confidently navigate through tight corners and rough terrain with ease.

The Koa Warrior tire is made from high-quality materials to deliver long-lasting performance. Features like reinforced sidewalls and puncture-resistant construction contribute to its exceptional durability.

“The name, ‘Koa,’ comes from the Hawaiian word for ‘hero,’” said Mitch Mittlestadt, General Manager for OTR. “This new tire is inspired by the valiant spirit of warriors and the rugged landscapes they traverse. It’s the pinnacle of ATV off-road performance.”

The Koa Warrior tire is currently available in 13 sizes to fit most common ATVs.